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Pink Hearts for you
0.75, 1, 1.5, 1.75 or 2 ct eq. each • Item #:10891
Stone shape
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A Variation of the Pear shaped diamond cut with a small slice removed from the top section, set in 9K gold. Our attention to detail ensures that removed section is also hand polished for maximum brilliance. This is something you will find lacking in many other simulants. The model wears 1.5 ct eq. stone.

Ring Size Chart

To make sure you have the most comfortable fit for your ring please note the following:

1. If you already have a ring for the finger you want to measure take the inside diameter and go to the chart below.

2. Don't measure your fingers when they are cold as they will be a little smaller. Room temperature fingers are best.

3. Download our ring sizer.

0.522 13.26 2 D
0.53 13.46
0.538 13.67 E
0.546 13.87
0.554 14.07 3 F
0.562 14.27
0.57 14.48 G
0.578 14.68
0.586 14.88 4 H
0.594 15.09
0.602 15.29 I
0.61 15.49
0.618 15.7 5 J
0.626 15.9
0.634 16.1 K
0.642 16.31
0.65 16.51 6 L
0.658 16.71
0.666 16.92 M
0.674 17.12
0.682 17.32 7 N
0.69 17.53
0.698 17.73 O
0.706 17.93
0.714 18.14 8 P
0.722 18.34
0.73 18.54 Q
0.738 18.75
0.746 18.95 9 R
0.754 19.15
0.762 19.35 S
0.77 19.56
0.778 19.76 10 T
0.786 19.96 10¼
0.794 20.17 10½ U
Special Orders

We understand that every piece of jewellery is unlike any other.

Your item will be made for you and will be shipped within 30 working days from the date you place your order.

Please contact one of our jewellery experts if you need further assistance.

On Special Order
Actual Diamond Size
Click here to download this page. Print to compare actual diamond sizes.

Before Printing: Make sure when you push the print option in adobe reader that "Page Scaling" option is switched to "None" i.e. the image won’t be stretched or re-sized since this will affect the scale of the stones on the chart.

Since all CARAT* stones are cut by hand, measurements are based on approximate equivalent diamond carat weight. Actual dimensions may vary slightly from stone to stone depending on small variations in cutting proportions.


This item in 14K or 18K gold will be especially made for you. It will take 21 working days to be made in our workshop. Since this will be custom made, it will be a non refundable and non exchangeable item.

Given our commitment to your satisfaction, it carries a guarantee against defects in workmanship that are not caused by accident, inappropriate use of fair wear and tear. It also carries a 30 day one -off free re-sizing service. ( Please note: this does not apply to eternity bands)

Once you agree with the terms and conditions you may proceed with your purchase.

If you have any questions do not hesitate to contact our online shopping team at or call us at our United States number: +1 646 502 8587 and we are happy to assist you.
On Special Order

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