Shopping for a necklace can be difficult. There are many factors to consider: selecting the right chain length, the appropriate metal colour and of course the necklace design. Finding the proper necklace chain length may appear to be a difficult job, but it doesn't have to be! Let's take a look at some pointers and methods for finding the right necklace for you!

Choose a Necklace to Express Your Unique Style

There are many different necklace styles. Two of the most popular are pendant necklaces and tennis necklaces. A tennis necklace is a classic piece of jewellery made from a strand of stones. It is a term commonly used to describe diamond necklaces. Combine a tennis necklace with simple studs or opulent tennis bracelets to create a chic, elegant look. 

A pendant necklace is at the other end of the style spectrum: it features a single piece of jewelry, which is connected to a chain by a clasp. If you are looking for ways to mix up your wardrobe, you can’t go wrong with a pendant necklace. You can wear a pendant necklace as an everyday staple piece, or to enhance your appearance without having to feel like dressing up.

If you are looking something more exclusive explore CARAT* lab made diamond pendants.

How to Select the Correct Necklace Length

Chains come in many sizes and each person's physique is different. Also, your personal style, the occasion, the type of necklace and your clothing style will determine the optimum chain length. One way of determining the right length is measuring the circumference of your neck. You can do so by wrapping a soft measuring tape around your neck. To find the right chain length for a pendant necklace, we recommend adding around 10 to 13 centimeters to the measure. Your height is another important factor to consider, as you would want to wear a necklace that does not seem disproportionately short or long.

Cora Necklace

Cora Necklace

Take a look at the Cora Necklace (42cm chain length) if you are looking for a shorter chain and the Cosmo Necklace if you want to go up to 46cm chain length. If you are buying a gift for someone and are not quite sure which length is right consider the Carissa Necklace (available in Sterling Silver and Vermeil Gold). It comes with a convenient slider closure and can be length adjusted. 

Buying a Gold or a Silver Necklace?

Selecting the appropriate metal colour is affected by a number of factors, most importantly the tone of your skin, the colour of your outfit and of course personal preference. As a rule of thumb, people with cool skin tones tend to be a more natural fit for light or white metals, such as white gold, platinum, and sterling silver (explore our sterling silver necklaces). Warm skinned individuals often look great in yellow gold and rose gold. If you have a neutral skin tone, you'll succeed in both white metals and yellow metals.  

Still not sure which necklace to get? Check out our Sterling Silver Necklace Style Guide to explore some of our best-selling necklaces!