CARAT* LONDON tennis bracelets are the ultimate jewellery accessory. Flawlessly sparkling stones are set into a thin strip of sterling silver or gold to create an elegant looking bracelet with endless versatility.

Some history First. The tennis bracelet got its iconic name when tennis player Chris Evert famously lost her diamond bracelet while playing a match at the 1987 U.S. Open. The match had to be paused to allow Evert to recover her extravagant accessory. A new jewellery category was born. Tennis bracelets have been incredibly popular ever since. 

Which Metal Colour?

To help you choose the best bracelet type of metal, you can compare how it will look on your arm. The golden hues found in the yellow gold are sure to draw attention. For most skin tones, white gold is able to blend into the skin more smoothly than its yellow gold counterpart. Sterling silver follows more neutral hues and will complement whatever color you are wearing. If sterling silver sounds right, take a look at our Hailey Round Prong Tennis Bracelet our if you are more of a gold kind of girl, check out the Vianne Tennis Bracelet.



Choose the right size tennis bracelet for your wrist. You should be able to fit one finger under the bracelet, but not fall off of your wrist. Use a measuring tape to measure your wrist circumference when shopping on our website. Some of our most popular tennis bracelets, including the Francine Round Prong Tennis Bracelet and the Vianne Round Prong Tennis Bracelet are available in 16 and 18cm - the most common wrist circumferences. 

For an adjustable bracelet choose our Phoebe, Lexi or Quentin styles. 


Which Stone Shape is Right for You?

CARAT* tennis bracelets come with a variety of stone cuts. Two classic cuts are the Princess and the classic Round Brilliant cut.

The Princess Channel Set Tennis Bracelet in sterling silver with white gold finish features our bezel-set Emerald cut stones. 

The Round Brilliant cut is the most popular stone shape used to craft tennis bracelets. It boasts 58 facets and creates a stunning look, reflecting most light. Most of our bracelets feature Round Brilliant cut stones.

Take a look at the Quentin Bracelet to explore a special piece that evokes classic modernity. 



Wear CARAT* LONDON tennis bracelets to add some shine to your everyday style by pairing it with casual outfits or dress it up by pairing it with your evening attire.

Tennis bracelets look gorgeous on their own, but if you want to give yours a fashion edge, try pairing it with a stylish designer watch. They add to the overall look of any tennis bracelet because you get to wear two accessories that each stand alone.

We also make selection of lab created diamond tennis bracelets in our GENTLE DIAMOND collections. They are the perfect accessory brides wear on their wedding day, or as a present for their bridesmaids or mother of the bridesmaids.

Check out our Sabrina, Lexi and Phoebe versions made exclusively with our own brand of lab grown diamonds