The diamond industry uses

the 4 C's

to measure a diamonds value

We believe there is

one more C



The brilliance of a diamond is very much determined by its ability to reflect and
refract light possibly the most important feature of a diamonds craftsmanship is its cut.

This natural phenomena occurs in both mined and lab grown diamonds in ‘white’ diamonds this can give degrees of yellow colouring ranging from D to Z.

Clarity is a measure of a diamonds natural flaws. As in mined diamonds or lab diamonds, as they grow, small flaws and inclusions feature in their structure. These birthmarks are nature’s own fingerprints.

A Carat is the unit used to measure a diamonds weight or in modern terms 200mg/carat. The word carat originates from a tree more commonly known as the carob tree. It seeds were used to weigh against diamonds.  

Since no mining  is necessary, they are a vote for what you believe in. Our mission is to develop a 100% sustainable diamond jewellery brand.