About Our Stones

Leader in created gemstones since 2003

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    We use several alternatives to mined gemstones. We believe they represent the future of a more sustainable gemstone world. They are a vote for what you believe in.

    Our sister brand, GENTLE DIAMONDS works exclusively with lab-created diamonds, and is the result of 18 years of work to bring lab-created diamonds to the consumer marketplace.

    The short story is, they are the same as the mined diamond kind, just not from a mine. Simple as that. 

    Learn more about the incredible story of lab-created diamonds here

    We also cut and polish lab-grown Ruby and Sapphire (Corundum) and lab-created Emerald gemstones. Again, the same molecular and atomic makeup as the mined kind, just not mined. 

    Our fashion brand CARAT* LONDON principally uses high-quality hand and machine cut Cubic Zirconia crystal. 

Standard Cutting Styles