Due to their timeless elegance so-called teardrop, tear-shaped or pear-shaped rings have become increasingly popular in recent years. They typically feature an elongated combination of a marquise and an oval cut and are more extravagant than round cut rings. Tear shaped diamonds have been around since the 1400s and are one of the most popular classic gemstones styles. Cut to perfection, these gems look stunningly gorgeous and are among the most difficult shapes to craft. 

If you are looking for inspiration, explore our teardrop ring collection and check out the Luella Pear Borderset Ring, a timeless teardrop ring that adds a touch of sparkle to your everyday classic look.

Teardrop Ring

What does a Teardrop Wedding Ring Symbolise?

While the term "teardrop" does seem to imply tears, rest assured that she will not feel sad receiving it. In fact the teardrop shaped wedding and engagement rings symbolises tears of joy. More than just a beautiful piece of jewellery, the unique teardrop design has a deeper meaning and a special significance. The shape is said to represent:

  • Love
  • Joy
  • Sorrow

The full range of emotions experienced in any romantic relationship. The delicate curves of the ring represent the ups and downs of love, with no beginning or end — just like true love itself. This cascading design also echoes the joys and sorrows of life that come with being part of something bigger— a marriage that lasts a lifetime.

How to Pick the Right Teardrop Ring?

If you are looking for a beautiful and feminine piece of jewellery, a teardrop ring is an excellent choice. But with so many different styles, colours, and designs available, how to pick the right one? Here are some tips to help you choose the right one for you.

Ring Stone Size

While teardrop rings typically feature larger stones, we also offer a number of lighter designs ideal for everyday wear. The slim and lightweight Victoria Ring is set in a pear-shaped keystone setting. For a slightly more extravagant option take a closer look at our Henrietta Pear with Pear Sides Ring. This beautiful ring is crafted 9K white gold. It comes with an arrangement of pear cut stones (with a 2ct. equivalent centre stone).

Henrietta Pear Ring

Gemstone Colour

Most of our teardrop rings come in larger carat sizes and feature vibrant centre stones. Among our most popular pear-shaped rings are the emerald green Eleanor Ring and the canary yellow Canary Pear Trilogy Ring. The former showcasing a 3 carat and the later a 5 carat equivalent centre stone. If green is your colour, then check out our wide collection of emerald rings.

Emerald Green Teardrop Ring

Metal Colour

You also need to consider what type of metal you would like your teardrop ring to be made from. The ring colour should complement the colour of the gemstones. Common pairs include white gold plated rings and emerald green stones, or yellow gold paired with white gemstones. While yellow gold is the most timeless option, it may compete with vibrant stone colours. 

Beware of the Bow-Tie Effect

When selecting teardrop shaped diamonds or gemstones be aware of the “bow-tie” effect. The bow-tie effect refers to a black shadow that runs across the centre of diamond. The shape of the shadow looks similar to the shape of a man’s classic accessory. The effect occurs when light rays that travel to the diamond are concealed by the observer's head. It can be controlled via the proportions of the stone’s cut. Through superior cutting techniques we have been able to mitigate the severity of the bow-tie effect and achieve brilliantly proportioned pear shapes that will outshine most others.

How to Wear a Pear-Shaped Ring

While the standard for pear-cut rings is to wear them with the tip facing away from your palm, do not feel limited by convention. There are plenty of ways in which you can expressively adorn this classic gemstone. If you are looking to take your style up a notch, try wearing two pear-shaped rings with each other – one in gold and one in silver. Stack them together on one finger or don each ring on opposite hands – whichever way looks best with your outfit. This pairing will add subtle texture to your look without being too overwhelming. 

Pear-shaped rings are also ideal for accessorising semi-formal ensembles such as cocktail dresses or jumpsuits that have details like ruffles or beading around the neckline or waistline area. A single pear-cut diamond such as the Luella Canary Pear Borderset Ring looks especially beautiful when paired with this type of outfit since it adds just enough shimmer without taking away focus from your outfit. 

Canary Teardrop Ring

Luella Canary Pear Borderset Ring

By taking all these factors into consideration when choosing your teardrop ring you will be sure to find one that perfectly suits your personal style.

If you are looking for more special rings that are not teardrop rings, take a look at our bestselling Leyton Flanders Ring, a gorgeous green emerald ring, or our Rosemond Ring, a stunning ruby ring. Our Alma ring is also one of its kind: a radiant, yellow canary ring. If you are looking for other ring types, read our guide on how to wear an eternity ring or our post on lab grown diamond vs natural diamonds.

FAQ - Teardrop Rings

What is a teardrop ring?

A teardrop ring is a ring that features a pear-shaped gemstone or diamond, combining the best of round and marquise cuts.

Why choose a teardrop ring?

Teardrop rings are unique and elegant, offering a distinctive shape that elongates the finger.

What occasions are teardrop rings suitable for?

They are perfect for more formal and festive events, such as engagements, weddings, anniversaries, and other special occasions.

What is the ideal length-to-width ratio for a teardrop diamond?

A ratio between 1.45 and 1.75 is generally considered ideal for a balanced look.

Which metal is best for teardrop rings?

It depends on personal preference. Popular choices include white gold, yellow gold, rose gold, and platinum.

Can teardrop rings be worn every day?

Generally yes, but consider how the ring will compliment your outfit and other jewellery that you are wearing. 

What is a halo setting for a teardrop ring?

A halo setting features a teardrop center stone surrounded by smaller accent stones, enhancing its sparkle.

Which finger do you wear a teardrop ring on?

Traditionally, teardrop engagement rings are worn on the ring finger of the left hand, fashion teardrop rings can be worn on any finger.