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18K or 9K White / Yellow Rose Gold

White gold is the best choice for anyone who wants to have the most amount of gold while still possessing enough durability. Rhodium plating provides an extra layer of protection as well as a shiny reflective appearance. Our 18K white gold jewellery is made as per industry standards of an alloy of gold and other white metals including silver and palladium and is plated in rhodium for a durable and scratch resistant finish.


Yellow gold is historically the most popular metal used for wedding and engagement bands. It is easiest to maintain, hypoallergenic and easily matched with diamonds of a lower colour grade. Our 18K yellow gold is made of pure gold mixed with alloy metals such as copper, silver and zinc.


Rose gold is considered by many to be the most romantic metal due to its pinkish hue, which is thought to exude warmth and femininity. Since rose gold is an alloy, “pure rose gold” does not exist. Our 18K rose gold jewellery is made as per industry standards with about 75% gold and 25% copper.

Stone Colours

Stone Size

Download and print our stone size chart to compare all stones available.
Prior to printing, ensure that Page Scaling is set to “None” on your print dialog box.

Ring Size Chart

Not sure of your ring size? Read our concise chart for measuring women’s ring sizes below. 

Our top tips 

For the most accurate result make sure that you take finger measurements in the evening when the hands are warm, as this is when finger diameter is largest. In colder weather, fingers are slimmer – sometimes up to half a size! You want to make sure that your ring will fit whether the wearer is warm or cool and that it’s never too tight.

While our ring size chart offers a good reference, we recommend you get your ring sized professionally in one of our boutiques. If you can’t visit, simply follow our ring size chart.

Inside Diameter

0.554 14.07 3 F 6
0.562 14.27 3.25 6.5
0.57 14.48 3.50 G 7.25
0.578 14.68 3.75 8
0.586 14.88 4 H 8.5
0.594 15.09 4.25 9
0.602 15.29 4.50 I 9.5
0.61 15.49 4.75 10
0.618 15.7 5 J 11
0.626 15.9 5.25 11.5
0.634 16.1 5.50 K 12
0.642 16.31 5.75 12.5
0.65 16.51 6 L 13
0.658 16.71 6.25 14
0.666 16.92 6.50 M 14.5
0.674 17.12 6.75 15
0.682 17.32 7 N 15.5
0.69 17.53 7.25 16
0.698 17.73 7.50 O 17
0.706 17.93 7.75 17.5
0.714 18.14 8 P 18
0.722 18.34 8.25 18.5
0.73 18.54 8.50 Q 19
0.738 18.75 8.75 20
0.746 18.95 9 R 20.5
0.754 19.15 9.25 21
0.762 19.35 9.50 S 21.5
0.77 19.56 9.75 22
0.778 19.76 10 T 22.5

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