Getting her the right necklace can be a daunting task. What style will she like? What chain length is appropriate for her body size? What chain and gemstone colour will fit her style? This article will provide answers to all your questions and help you get the right necklace for her.  

Getting her The Right Necklace: Consider the Occasion

When selecting the perfect necklace for your significant other, it is important to consider the occasion that you are buying for. Whether it’s for her birthday, an anniversary, as a Christmas gift, or just as a special surprise, the occasion matters.

If you are buying for a special occasion, such as her birthday, or to celebrate your anniversary, you need to consider the importance of the occasion. You can’t go wrong with a timeless and elegant pendant necklace. If your budget allows for it, consider our lab grown diamond necklaces. Lab-grown diamonds are physically, chemically and optically identical to mined diamonds. They convey a special meaning: Since no mining is necessary, our lab made GENTLE DIAMONDS are more sustainable and 100% conflict free. They are a vote for what you believe in and symbolise eternal love. 

For a more affordable option, you can browse our extensive selection of CARAT* LONDON pendant necklaces, or check out our pendant necklace shopping guide. If you are looking for a special surprise, opt for something more bold and eye-catching, such as our Cosmo Necklace. A layered necklace featuring a Stella star pendant paired with a longer chain highlighted with a single Marquise-shaped drop. The wearable length ranges from 25 cm to 46 cm. This variability makes it a great option for gifting. 


How to Pick the Right Necklace Chain Length

Let’s segway into discussing chain length. The optimal chain length depends on body shape, size and style of the necklace, as well as the neckline of the clothing being worn. As a general rule of thumb choose a chain length that falls just above or below her collarbone and looks proportionate to her body type. However, different necklace types also require different chain lengths. A classic choker necklace, such as the Thela Choker Necklace will naturally have a much shorter chain length than a lariat necklace such as the Mimosa drop necklace that features 45 cm chain length and is best paired with an open tailored jacket.

Thela Choker NecklaceThela Choker Necklace


Matching the necklace chain length and the neckline is key. You would neither want the necklace to get lost in her clothing nor look awkwardly out of place. Use the information below as your neckline vs necklace length cheat sheet:

Collar Length (30-33 cm chain length): This is the shortest necklace option and is placed tightly around the neck. It is suitable for ‘crew’ style necklines.

Choker Length (36-41 cm): Also a short option the choker length can be paired with asymmetrical, off-shoulder, square, scoop, or boat style necklines. A classic choker is ideal for a modern bridal look or an evening out. If you want to give your everyday wear a stunning lift take a look at our Izar choker


Princess Length (43-46 cm): The princess length is a standard necklace length. Most of our bestselling necklaces, such as the Camelia Necklace, or the white gold plated Atrias Necklace are princess length necklaces. They are very versatile and well suited for a wide range of everyday outfits. 

Matinee Length (51-61 cm): A matinee necklace is suitable for both business and formal attires. Traditionally this length is more commonly worn at semi-formal occasions. Matinee length is also a great choice when layering necklaces with multiple lengths. 

Opera Length (71-91 cm): The name of the necklace really gives it away: It’s called “Opera Length” because this type of necklace is typically worn at glamorous evening events. Due to the dramatic length and opera type necklace will surely make an impression. 


What Necklace Metal Colour to go with?

When choosing a necklace for your significant other, metal and gemstone colour are important considerations. Different colours and finishes result in vastly different looks. Gold and silver chains are classic choices and at CARAT* we offer a wide range of options in both metal colours. The gemstones colour is also important. While you can’t go wrong with a sterling silver pendant set in 9K white gold with a round brilliant cut CARAT* stone such as our Hazel Four Prong Round Pendant, in some cases a more extravagant stone may be the better choice. Take a look at the Fulton Emerald Green Double Prong Pendant Necklace, or the Gwen Necklace in Light Pink for more colourful options. Also consider the Fulton Pendant Necklace, a gorgeous emerald necklace.

Pink Gemstone Pendant Necklace

While a woman who prefers minimalistic aesthetics may find little use for an exuberant, eye-catching necklace, someone whose wardrobe features vivid colours and designs may be looking for just that. So use your girlfriend’s existing wardrobe and jewellery to sense-check your decision. Gifting her a necklace that matches her style will be a safe bet. 


How to Determine Which Necklace Type Fits Her Style

While referencing her existing jewellery for guidance you may also want to avoid getting something too similar to a piece she already owns. Ideally your gift should stand out amongst her existing jewellery and also show her how thoughtful you are. We know this sounds easier than it is, so don’t worry, we are here to help. We have written a detailed jewellery style guide that will help you determine what the style options are and what will likely match her taste. 

Ultimately, choosing the right necklace type depends on her style, the occasion and also the significance of the gifting occasions. We hope this article has helped you narrow down your choices and to pick out something special that conveys your feelings for her!

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What should I consider when choosing a necklace for a special occasion?
Consider the significance of the occasion and opt for elegant pendant necklaces or lab-grown diamond necklaces (Our GENTLE DIAMONDS collection) for significant events like anniversaries and birthdays.

How do I pick the right chain length for a necklace?
Choose a chain length that complements her body type and the neckline of her outfit, generally falling just above or below the collarbone.

What types of necklaces are suitable for different necklines?`
Collar length suits crew necklines, chokers are great for off-shoulder, and princess length is versatile for various outfits.

How do I know if a necklace fits her style?
Analyse her current jewellery and fashion style. Opt for something unique yet complementary to her existing collection.

Are there sustainable options for necklaces?
Yes, consider lab-grown diamonds (Our GENTLE DIAMONDS collection) which are sustainable and conflict-free, aligning with ethical considerations.

How do I choose between a bold or subtle necklace design?
Reflect on her wardrobe and personal style—bold designs suit a vibrant wardrobe, while minimalistic designs are perfect for everyday wear.

What if she has a very active lifestyle?
Choose durable materials and simple designs that can withstand regular wear and are comfortable to wear daily, such as a pendant necklace.