Stacking multiple earrings on the same ear is a great way to express a unique style. Wearing multiple earrings has been a trend for quite some time now, but getting it right can be difficult, especially if you are just starting to experiment. When creating your earring stack you have to consider multiple factors: The sizes of different earrings, the earrings shapes, materials, metal colours and designs. How many ear piercings you have and how many earrings you want to layer are further important factors. In this article we provide a detailed breakdown of how to stack earrings to create a distinctive and thoughtfully assembled appearance.

How to Get Started with Stacking Earrings?

If you are new to stacking earrings, you might want to start off with a basic combo: if you have two piercings, start with a larger statement piece and place it into your earlobe piercing. This is your primary earring. You can opt for hoops, such as our Devon Huggies and combine them with an elegant stud piercing (such as our Naila Studs).

Earring Stack with Stud and Huggie

Devon Huggies and Haru Stud in 9K Yellow Gold 

As a rule of thumb, complement this primary earring, placed in the piercing of your ear lobe, with a smaller earring, placed in your second piercing above. For an everyday stack, stick to studs or thin hoops for the ear lobe piercing and pick a smaller earring, such as a stud, or a smaller hoop for your second piercing. The Larissa Hoop in 9K White Gold is another great options for earring stacking. With stacks, it’s all about balancing the weight of your earrings—don’t overdo it and start with basic combinations and then take things up a notch step-by-step. 




Build Your Earring Stack Bottom Up

When starting with your earring stack it’s best to start from the bottom: picking an earring for your earlobe first and then adding other pieces as you move up. Opt for a statement piece or a larger earring here as it will anchor your entire stack. In general, it’s best to start your stack with the largest piece first and then make sure that the next earring is slightly smaller than the previous one. That way your earring stack will aesthetically match the natural shape of your ear. Popular options for the ear lobe piercing are hoops, drop earrings, depending on your personal style, also statement pieces.


Colour Coordination for Earring Stacks 

Incorporate different colours into your earring stack is a great way to personalise your look by adding a bit of extra pop. Including earring that feature coloured gemstones, or combining different metal hues like rose gold and yellow gold can elevate your stack. This adds a playful element and can be a great way to coordinate with your outfit or other jewellery pieces.

When combining different metal colours ensure balance and cohesion. You can generally achieve this by choosing one metal as the dominant colour and use one other colour as an accent. So for example, you can choose a yellow gold hoop earring as your main piece (i.e.  the Large Haley Hoops in 18K Gold Vermeil) and then combine with other pieces of all the same different metal colour (i.e. Sterling Silver). If you combine different metal colours, also try to maintain a consistent style or design theme across all earrings in your stack. That way you do not introduce too much variation all at the same time. Additionally, if you go for a multi-colour earring stack approach, also consider the colour palette of your outfit to ensure that the metals complement your clothes.



Mix and Match different Earring Lengths

Playing with different lengths can add a dynamic aspect to your stack. If you want to experiment with different sizes and lengths, we suggest that you start by placing the largest piece in your lobe piercing. This will create a more balanced look. To create a cascading effect, choose a slightly larger earring for your middle piercing so that it aligns with the drop height of your earlobe earring. The example below shows this executed nicely with the Walden Hoops and Tilda Hoops.


Walden Hoops and Tilda Hoops


Get Creative with Different Earring Styles 

Mixing different motifs and earrings shapes is a great way to create a more advanced earring stack. Earrings with special motif design will help you create a highly accentuated look. Our Vega Studs are a popular choice for creating such eye-catching earrings stacks.


Vega Studs and Nova Earrings


The options are truly unlimited, you can also pair stud earrings with hoop earrings, or huggies with dangles. Below are examples of popular earring stack combinations.


Stud Plus Huggie Earring: A Classic Stack

Combining a stud earring in the lobe piercing with a small huggie in the orbital piercing is a popular choice because it creates a balanced ear look. The simplicity of the stud, whether it's a classic diamond stud, or a more accentuated shape, offers understated elegance. The small huggie in the orbital piercing adds a subtle edge and texture, encircling the ear for a modern twist. This pairing is ideal if you want to bring a bit more attention to your ear game without having to opt for a larger size, more sparkling diamond stud earring. 




Haru Stud and Alix Nude Huggie 


The Ear Lobe Plus Helix Earring Stack

If you have a helix and a lobe piercing, consider these two earring combinations: pairing a delicate stud or small hoop in the helix with a more pronounced piece in the lobe. A classic stud in the helix adds subtle sparkle, complementing a bolder hoop or drop earring in the lobe. Alternatively, if you prefer a more minimalist approach, opt for matching small hoops or huggies in both piercings, creating a sleek, cohesive look. 



Stack Your Studs - The Minimalist Approach 

When you want to make a statement with your jewelry, stack more than one pair of earrings on your ear. But since the trend to wear big earrings takes commitment and studs can be the more subtle option. A single piercing with a diamond stud adds a graceful, subtle sparkle to your lobe. Try a pair of diamonds in an earring with a different shape for a playful, modern look.

The elegant pear stud combo shown below features our Pear Studs in White Gold paired with the minimalist Eternal Four Prong Studs



Pick from the Same CARAT* Collection for a Coordinated Look

If you aren’t quite sure how to pair your studs, purchase a set that includes several pairs, or go for different earrings from the same CARAT* collection. They’ll likely coordinate with one another easily. You may want to choose a common theme for your studs. For example, you might wear several pairs of different shaped studs. Your ear is personal. Combine the Gaea Hoops Silver, the Rika Hoop and the Rainbow Hoops in Small to create the signature style shown in the photo above. Explore other earrings from our Chelsea Collection to get more inspirations for coordinated stacking. 


For a Bold Look: Stack Multiple Hoop Earrings

By layering two hoops of different sizes you can create a dynamic look that adds depth to your ensemble. Either go with the larger hoop as the base and pair it with a smaller, subtler hoop above it to maintain balance, or create a cascading effect by swapping the order around. 

The Amaia Medium Hoops are the idea for this.To create a stepped effect, pair with a huggie, such as the Lola Huggie or add a small stud piercing

If you opt for plain single colour hoops you can also consider mixing different metal colours for a personal look.


Advanced Earring Stack Combos for Multiple Piercings 

Advanced earring stack combinations truly come to life when multiple piercings are involved. This allows for an intricate and personalised style, where each piercing contributes to a larger, cohesive narrative. When you stack more than two earrings it is important to maintain consistency with regard to colour combination or earring shape across the entire earring stack. As a suggestion, consider different shapes if you combine multiple smaller pieces, but maintain a more consistent approach to shapes if you combine larger pieces. Another great way to ensure a great looking overall composition is to pick earrings that have common design elements, such as pearls, or earrings from the same collection with matching metal colours.

Baby Hoops Lighting and Zeta Stud 


Leverage Ear Cuffs for Single Piercing Elegance 

If you have only a lobe piercing but want to up your ear game, consider incorporating ear cuffs. This will allow you to test different styles without having to commit to additional piercings. Ear cuffs can easily be slipped on and off, offering the flexibility to adapt to various occasions and outfits. They will add an instant edge and versatility to your look, allowing you to experiment with different levels and styles along your ear. 



Consider How Your Earring Stack Matches Your Overall Outfit 

When curating your earring stack do not forget to consider how your clothing style and your hairstyle will impact your overall look. For instance, if you are wearing a statement necklace, opt for a more subtle earring stack to accentuate your look. Conversely, if your other jewellery is rather minimalistic, you can opt for a bolder earring stack that becomes the focal point of your look. Aligning colours across your entire outfit is equally important. As a rule of thumb, if the colours of your outfit are subtle and understated (i.e.grey, white or pastel colours) you can consider using brighter colours, such as emerald green in your earring stack. Take a look at the Arabella Drop Earrings. A classic bestselling ruby earring. If you look for green earrings, take a look at the Shannon Green Emerald Euro Back Earrings, or the Fulton Double Prong Studs - our classic emerald stud earrings. If your outfit is rather bright however you can opt for an earring stack in white gold to complement the colours of your outfit.


Select Your Own Stones to Create a Truly Unique Earring Stack 

If you want to create a one-of-a-kind look browse our loose diamonds to find the perfect style for you! To get started, choose from over 7,000 conflict free, independently certified lab grown diamonds. Then dive into each stone’s details to learn more about cut, color, clarity, and carat weight. It’s fun to create your very own Lab Diamond jewellery. If you are not sure how to pick, read our guide on how to pick the ideal diamond earring. Check out our eternity ring shopping guide if you want a ring that stands out.


Frequently Asked Questions 

How should I stack my earrings?
Start bottom up, from your ear lobe piercing. Begin with a statement earring, such as a huggie or a hoop and add smaller pieces above. You can mix different earring styles like studs and hoops for variety in a way so that they complement each other. 

How do I layer multiple earrings?
Start with a bold earring at the lobe, then layer smaller ones as you move up. Use different shapes and textures, and space them well to avoid a cluttered look. 

How do I stack dangly earrings?
Pair a dangly earrings on your lowest piercing with smaller, simpler earrings above. This creates a focal point while maintaining an uncluttered appearance. Ensure the dangly earrings don’t get entangled.

Can I wear multiple earrings if I have only one lobe piercing?
Yes, absolutely. You can use ear cuffs which can be placed along the ear without additional piercings. These allows you to experiment with various styles.

Can I combine multiple metal colours in one earring stack?
Yes, mixing metal colours can create a dynamic look. Use one metal as a primary colour (for the largest earring within the stack) and others metal colours for smaller pieces as accents.

Can I stack different earring styles and shapes? 
Definitely! Stacking various styles and shapes adds interest to your look. Ensure balance in size and design to maintain a stylish, uncluttered appearance.