Opening up that perfect combination of stacked earrings can be like unwrapping a special present. It takes patience—and some experience. The key to success? Choosing pieces that share common elements, like the same metal, gemstone, or shape. 

Start with a statement piece that’s big enough to handle the size of your earlobes. Whether you opt for hoops, such as the Cassia Small Hoops, or studs, make it the biggest part of your stack. Then choose other earrings to complement it. For an everyday stack, stick to studs or thin hoops, and pick finishes that match at least one other piece in the stack. The Larissa Hoop in 9K White Gold and the Haru Studs in 9K Yellow Gold are great options for stacking. With stacks, it’s all about balancing the weight of your earrings—don’t overdo it! With stack earrings, it’s best to have your hair out of your face or pulled back so that the focus is on the stacked earrings. Also consider whether you want to add ear piercings as they will show through the top part of your ear. 

If you’re feeling lost on how to wear multiple earrings, follow this step by step guide to styling an earring stack. 


Stack Your Studs - The Minimalist Approach

When you want to make a statement with your jewelry, stack more than one pair of earrings on your ear. But since the trend to wear big earrings takes commitment and studs can be the more subtle option. A single piercing with a diamond stud adds a graceful, subtle sparkle to your lobe. Try a pair of diamonds in an earring with a different shape for a playful, modern look. 

The elegant pear stud combo shown below features our Pear Studs in White Gold
paired with the minimalist
 Eternal Four Prong Studs


The Coordinated Earring Stack

If you aren’t quite sure how to pair your studs, purchase a set that includes several pairs, or go for different earrings from the same CARAT* collection. They’ll likely coordinate with one another easily. You may want to choose a common theme for your studs. For example, you might wear several pairs of different shaped studs. Your ear is personal. Combine the Gaea Hoops Silver, the Rika Hoop and the Rainbow Hoops in Small to create the signature style shown in the photo above. Explore other earrings from our Chelsea Collection to get more inspirations for coordinated stacking. 

The Bold Hoop Combo

If you decided on hoops for your earring stack, it’s easy to find complementing pieces, as hoops come in so many sizes, weights, and styles. The Amaia Medium Hoops are the perfect pair to dress up any outfit, versatile and easy to style and. In order to create a stepped effect, pair with a huggie, such as the Lola Huggie or add a small stud piercing. 

Create Your Truly Unique Stacked Earring Experience

Browse our loose diamonds to find the perfect style for you! To get started, choose from over 7,000 conflict free, independently certified lab grown diamonds. Then dive into each stone’s details to learn more about cut, color, clarity, and carat weight. It’s fun to create your very own Lab Diamond jewellery. If you are not sure how to pick, read our guide on how to pick the ideal diamond earring. Check out our eternity ring shopping guide if you want a ring that stands out. If you look for earrings that stand out on their own, take a look at the Arabella Drop Earrings. A classic bestselling ruby earring. If you look for green earrings, take a look at the Shannon Green Emerald Euro Back Earrings, or the Fulton Double Prong Studs - our classic emerald stud earrings.