An eternity ring is crafted from precious metal and embellished with a continuous line of identically cut diamonds or gemstones set into the ring. This design symbolises never-ending love and commitment. The origin of the Eternity Ring dates back to Ancient Egypt where they were referred to as “eternity bands” and were believed to bring good luck in marriage. The circle-shaped design is also believed to represent eternal love, which is why eternity rings frequently feature a repeating pattern of gemstones set all the way around the band that never ends. According to Google, eternity rings are among the most popular ring styles in the UK in 2023. Eternity bands come in different shapes and metal colours, with the Cassidy Ring being our best-selling ring in this category.

Cassidy Ring Gold Vermeil

An important distinction can be made between “full eternity rings” that feature a never-ending row of diamonds or gemstones radiating around the band and “half eternity” ring, such as the Cassidy ring shown above that features a sparkling front, but offers more comfortable wear as the half facing the wearer’s palm does not feature any gemstones. 

How to Wear an Eternity Ring?

One of the main reasons why eternity rings are so popular in the UK is that they can be worn in a variety of ways to suit any look or occasion. Eternity rings are timeless pieces of jewellery that exude elegance and sophistication, so when it comes to wearing them, there are endless possibilities!
The most traditional way to wear an eternity ring is as a single piece on your ring finger. This classic look creates an air of timeless beauty and makes for a perfect everyday accessory. When choosing a ring for this style, opt for something with simple detailing such as a plain metal band. Consider our Raina Round Eternity Ring in White Gold if this is something you are looking for.



9K White Gold Eternity Ring - Half Band Eternity Ring

Raina Round Eternity Ring in White Gold

If you want to be more creative, you can also wear an eternity ring on any finger you think suits best. Also, eternal rings can be worn with wedding or engagement bands on the ring finger. Our Diana Ring in 18K White Gold is a great match for an engagement ring. 

Diana Ring 18K White Gold

Diana Ring in 18K White Gold 

For those looking to make more of a statement with their eternity ring, you could opt for stacking multiple rings together on one finger. Stackable eternity rings come in many different designs and styles so you can really have fun playing around with different textures and metals to create unique looks that show off your personal style. Depending on the type of event or activity you are attending, consider how many rings to stack together – if you are going out for the night then why not go all out with four rings stacked together? Or for something more casual stick to two or three stacked together. 

Where should an Eternity Ring be Worn - and Where not?

An eternity ring is an exquisite piece of jewellery and should be worn with care. While these stunning rings can be worn anywhere, there are certain occasions and moments where wearing an eternity ring stands out.

Weddings are a perfect place to show off your beautiful eternity ring. Whether you are the bride or a bridesmaid, wearing one of these rings will certainly make you stand out in all the wedding photos. The beauty and sparkle of the stones encircling your finger will add an extra layer of sophistication to any wedding look. Even if you are not partaking in the festivities, an eternity ring can still make a stunning statement at more formal events such as galas, parties or even job interviews. 

If you prefer to keep their jewellery downplayed during daytime hours, then consider wearing your eternity ring with other plain gold bands or even stacking them together for subtle yet stylish effect. On the other hand, if you look for a more eye catching piece, take a look at our Betsy Ring in 9K Yellow Gold

Betsy Ring 9K Yellow Gold

Betsy Ring in 9K Yellow Gold

How To Wear Wedding, Engagement and Eternity Rings Altogether

Wearing multiple rings on the same finger is becoming increasingly popular, and creating the perfect combination of wedding, engagement, and eternity rings offers a unique way to showcase your style. 

To start off with your look, consider opting for an eternity ring as the main focus. Next up is the engagement ring – usually a larger stone set in a solitaire setting or surrounded by smaller stones such as diamonds or sapphires. When combined with an eternity ring you can create a beautiful blend of tradition and modernity while also adding some extra sparkle to your look! 

The last piece of jewellery that can be added to this combination is a wedding band. Traditionally made out of gold or platinum, this type of ring symbolises everlasting love between two people and completes the trinity. A plain metal band will add subtlety to your overall look but if you want something eye-catching then opt for diamond encrusted bands which will provide plenty of sparkle and shine! 

When wearing all three types at once make sure that they have enough space between them on your finger so that each one stands out clearly. This helps create an elegant balance between all three pieces. 

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Can you Wear your Eternity Ring all the Time?

Absolutely yes! Wearing an eternity ring all the time is an increasingly popular trend. Whether you are looking for subtle elegance during work hours or something bolder and more glamorous, eternity rings provide a unique way to showcase your personal style. 

When constantly wearing an eternity ring, there are a few things to keep in mind: Firstly, it’s important to choose the right size band that fits comfortably on your finger. If the ring is too tight or too loose it can be uncomfortable and make it difficult to wear the ring all day long over extended periods of time. Additionally keep in mind what kind of activity you will be participating in – if you plan on engaging in a physical activity then consider wearing fewer rings as it may get uncomfortable over time. Also, one important distinction between an eternity ring and other rings is that you do not need to be married to wear one. You don’t even need to be in a relationship to wear one. 

Recap: The Eternity Ring: Versatile and Stylish

An eternity ring is an exquisite piece of jewellery that can be worn for any occasion, whether it’s a formal event or just a casual day out. Wearing one of these timeless rings will add sparkle and charm to your outfit and make you feel more confident throughout the day. These stunning pieces of jewellery also serve as beautiful reminders that life is precious and should be celebrated every moment we have - making them perfect gifts for those special occasions in our lives. To find the right eternity ring for yourself or someone special browse our eternity ring collection here. Also note that many of our eternity rings are made with lab made diamonds – a more sustainable alternative to mined diamonds.