Hoop earrings are a vital part of a woman's fashion wardrobe. They can be dressed up or down without much effort. A pair of simple hoops adds a little something-something to any outfit. Finding the perfect hoop earrings however is hard. Hoops can be worn in many different ways, but if you’re looking for the best earring to complement your overall look, it’s important to know what size, style and metal colour will work best for you. Below, we offer some guidance on how to choose the right hoop earrings.

When to go for Large, Medium or Small Hoops

The first thing to consider is size. The larger the hoop is, the more movement it will have, and the more it will frame your face, which will garner more attention. In general, large hoops are a great choice if you want to give your look a bold, dramatic, and glamorous vibe. They are ideal for when you want to make a statement with your look on a special occasion. They tend to look best on women with more elongated, or angular face shapes and will accentuate your face nicely if you pin up your hair, or go with a hairstyle that pulls hair away from your face. If you want to give large hoops a try take a look at the glamorous CARAT* LONDON Jessamy Extra Large Hoops. They are made from sterling silver with white gold finish and feature our round brilliant cut stones. The double-sided design ensures for maximum sparkle.

If you prefer something more subtle and discreet, then our Baby Hoops are just what you need. Elegant and understated, these hoops can be worn day in and day out. They come with an exquisite level of detail and micro pavé featuring a line of gemstones set within the grooves of the hoops. 

If you are looking for something on trend, you can’t go wrong with our Rainbow Hoops. These mid size hoops are proportional for smaller faces, but also had enough hang to balance long hair or sweaters. 

Hoop Earring Metal Colour: Consider Skin Tone, Hair Colour and Personal Style

Besides hoop size, the metal colour is another important factor. A common approach to choosing between yellow gold, rose gold or sterling silver is to pick a metal colour that supplements your skin tone. Skin colour theory suggests that sterling silver is more suitable for women with a cooler undertone, whereas yellow gold is a better fit for warmer and darker skin tones. While this guidance can be useful, we find that things are not always that simple. Other factors, such as your hair colour also play an important role. If you have a clearly cold skin undertone but blonde hair, a light gold hoop might just do the trick! Take a look at our Paloma Large Hoops if you want to try a light yellow gold colour.

Our Larissa Hoops are a great option if you want to go for rose gold. This elegant mini hoop features two dainty rounds that catch the light. You can wear this hoop solo to create a classic look or stack your earring with other earrings for a more playful look. 

Are you Ready to Hoop?

A pair of hoop earrings is a great accessory to have in your jewelry collection, and there are many different designs to choose from. They are a great choice for both casual and dressy outfits. Their flexibility makes them a great gift for women of all ages.

Browse our selection of hoop earrings and pick the right one for yourself, or read this post to find out how to pick the perfect diamond earring.