Ear jackets are a great accessory to add some flair to your outfit. This unique two-piece earring type can help you create a unique look by creating a 3D effect on the ear lobe. Ear jackets are also very versatile and can be worn with a variety of outfits. In this article, we will break down everything you need to know about this trendy accessory.

What Are Ear Jacket Earrings?

Ear jacket earrings consist of two separate parts: a stud earring that sits on the front of the earlobe, and a decorative element that hangs behind the ear. In some cases the decorative element is designed to mimic and emphasize the shape of the ear. An example for this more minimalist design is our Cosette Ear Jacket.

Cosette Ear Jacket 9K Yellow Gold

The Rising Popularity of Ear Jacket Earrings

Since gaining initial popularity in the early 2010s, Ear Jackets have grown into a major earring category. According to Google UK Ear Jacket Earrings are becoming more popular in the UK. During the first quarter of 2020 around 10,700 people searched for “Ear Jacket Earrings” on Fast forward to 2023 and we that search volume has grown to a whooping 15,000 search queries in Q1. Read on to find out what different style options are available and which ear jacket is right for you.

How are Ear Jacket Earrings Designed?

As stated in the opening paragraph, ear jacket earrings consist of two parts that are detachable. But how exactly does that work? The first element of the ear jacket, the stud,  sits on the front of the earlobe. The decorative element then slides onto the post of the stud from behind the ear. This creates the ear jacket's typical 3D effect. Both parts are held in place by the earring back, which is often slightly larger than the typical stud earring back to accommodate the extra element. The photo below shows these elements: one post with a stud and three different decorative elements that can attach to it. As you can see, many of our decorative elements have multiple holes. This allows you to adjust the height of the decorative piece, so that it’s a perfect fit given the size of and shape of your ear.

Cosette Ear Jacket 9K Yellow Gold


Different Types of Ear Jacket Earrings

There are many different types of ear jacket earrings to choose from, depending on your style and budget. Some of the most popular include:

  • Everyday ear jacket earrings: These simple designs feature minimalist shapes and clean lines, making them perfect for office and leisure wear. Our best-selling Suriya Ear Jackets fall into this category.

  • Pearl ear jacket earrings: For a touch of elegance, pearl ear jackets add a classic touch to any outfit. They go well with white and formal dresses and offer the best balance of elegance and style. Our brand new Davina Ear Jacket features a trio of delicate chains finished with pearl details. Also this ear jacket has three holes, which allows you to customize the height for your individual ear.

    Davina Ear Jacket 9K Yellow Gold
    Davina Ear Jacket

  • Statement ear jacket earrings: These bold designs feature oversized elements and intricate details, making them perfect for special occasions. If you look for something more extravagant, consider the A-Lister Jacket. It features a cascading chandelier earring crafted from Sterling silver combined with a detachable jacket. Tiny scintillating Marquise stones are suspended from delicate chains, catching the light from every angle. The A-Lister is a definite head turner and a great choice for weddings or dinner parties.


How to Wear Ear Jacket Earrings

Wearing ear jacket earrings is incredibly easy. While having to connect two elements may seem complicated, it’s actually straightforward:

  1. Insert the stud earring into your earlobe as you would with any other earring.
  2. Slide the decorative element onto the earring post from behind your ear, making sure it's properly positioned.
  3. Secure the decorative element in place with the earring back.


How to Style Ear Jacket Earrings

Ear jacket earrings can be styled in a variety of ways, depending on the occasion and your personal style. Minimalist designs are great for everyday wear and for more formal events you can opt for a statement piece. One factor to consider is your hairstyle. Ear Jackets that follow the shape of your ear lobe are a great option if you tie your hair back, or prefer a hairstyle that pulls the hair away from the face. The photo below shows our Lana Ear Jackets with swept back hair.

Lana Ear Jackets

If you prefer to wear your hair down, consider ear jacket designs that feature suspended elements, such as the Leader Ear Jacket.

Leader Ear Jacket


How to Choose the Right Size Ear Jacket Earrings

The size and shape of your ear are also factors that matter. If you have a small earlobe, look for designs that are lightweight and don’t look out of proportion. Take a look at our sparkly Eileen Ear Jackets. If you have a larger earlobe, those limitations do not apply and you can consider a wider range of designs. Also, in this case you can consider wearing jacket earrings with other earrings that complement them. For example, you could wear simple stud earrings in your second or third ear piercing to balance out a more elaborate ear jacket earring in your first piercing.


Pairing Ear Jacket Earrings with Other Jewellery

Pairing ear jacket earrings with other jewellery essentially depends on two factors: 

  1. Whether you have you opted for a more minimalist or more extravagant ear jacket style
  2. Whether you are attending a more formal event such as a wedding and want to make an impression, or whether you are looking to find something to up your everyday outfit. 

If you have picked for a bolder statement piece, we would suggest to keep other jewellery minimal in order to avoid overwhelming your outfit. Consider a simple yet elegant pendant necklace, or a classic silver ring.  The same applies if you are dressing up for the office. If you however wear a minimalist ear jacket to an occasion that requires you to dress up, then consider pairing your ear jackets with more eye-catching accessories, such as: a tennis bracelet, a choker necklace or a large cocktail ring


Are Ear Jacket Earrings Comfortable to Wear?

Ear jacket earrings are generally comfortable to wear, but it's important to choose a style and size that works for you. Make sure the earring back is snug enough to keep the decorative element in place, but not so tight that it causes discomfort. Our generous 28 day return policy on online purchases makes things easy for you in case you change your mind. 


Caring for Your Ear Jacket Earrings

To keep your ear jacket earrings looking their best, it's important to care for them properly. Store them in a dry, cool place when not in use, and avoid exposing them to water or other liquids. Clean them regularly with a soft cloth or jewellery cleaner to remove any dirt or oils that may accumulate over time.


Ear jacket earrings are a versatile and stylish accessory that can add a unique touch to any outfit. Depending on whether you opt for a minimalist or more extravagant design they are also a great match for different occasions. With proper care and styling, they can be a staple in your jewellery collection for years to come. If you found this guide helpful, check out our related posts: what are huggie earrings and how to wear them, how to wear drop earrings,  our intro to popular diamond cuts, or our guide on diamond stud sizes and our detailed post on how to wear an eternity ring.


What exactly are ear jacket earrings?
Ear jacket earrings consist of a stud that fits on the front of the earlobe and a decorative element that hangs behind the ear, creating a unique layered effect.

How did ear jacket earrings get their name?
The name "ear jacket" comes from the way the additional decorative piece "jackets" or surrounds the stud, much like a jacket does to the body.

Are tennis bracelets only suitable for tennis players?
No, tennis bracelets are popular among various users due to their stylish, lightweight design that makes them suitable for both everyday wear and formal occasions.

Are ear jacket earrings suitable for daily wear?
Yes, ear jacket earrings can be worn daily. They come in various styles, including minimalist designs that are perfect for everyday use.

Can ear jacket earrings be worn with formal attire?
Absolutely, some ear jacket earrings are designed with elegant and elaborate elements, making them suitable for formal events and occasions.

How do you put on ear jacket earrings?
Insert the stud through your earlobe, then attach the decorative element to the post behind your ear and secure it with the earring back.

Can the length or position of the ear jacket be adjusted?
Many ear jacket designs feature adjustable settings that allow you to change the length or position of the decorative element to suit your ear size.

Are there different styles of ear jacket earrings?
Yes, ear jackets come in various styles, from subtle and simple designs for everyday wear to more striking and elaborate designs for special occasions.

How do I care for my ear jacket earrings?
Keep them in a dry place, clean them regularly with a soft cloth, and avoid exposure to harsh chemicals to maintain their appearance.

How can I pair other jewelry with ear jacket earrings?
For a balanced look, match minimalistic ear jackets with simple necklaces or rings, and pair more ornate jackets with understated accessories to keep the focus on the earrings.