A Huggie Earring is a small, hoop-style earring that closely 'hugs' the earlobe. We love huggie earrings because they can practically be worn anywhere and on any occasion. No matter if you are heading into the office, or just meeting friends, huggie earrings are a basic staple piece every woman should have in her jewellery box. On top of that huggie earrings are also great for creating unique looks by combining them with other earrings (how to stack earrings). In this article, we'll explore what huggie earrings are and how to wear them.


What are Huggie Earrings?

Huggie earrings are small hoop earrings that fit snugly around the earlobe. They are designed for comfort and versatility. While they are available in a range of sizes and there are a few bolder options, huggie earrings are mostly delicate and dainty pieces. Huggie earrings are usually thinner and smaller than traditional hoop earrings and they have a smaller diameter. This makes them comfortable to wear for extended periods and that’s also why huggie earrings are perfect for everyday wear. They’ll complement any look and won’t compete with other accessories.

How to Wear Huggie Earrings?

In this section we explain how to put on huggie earrings. To wear a huggie earring the correct way follow these three simple steps:

  1. Insert the the clasp of the huggie earring into your piercing hole
  2. Close the earring by tilting the lower part of it upwards until it connects with the clasp
  3. Carefully press until you hear a “clicking” sound. CARAT* LONDON huggie earrings come with a clasp that “clicks” when properly closed. This ensures that the huggie earring stays in place and won’t come off accidentally.


How to Choose the Right Huggie Earring Size?

Huggie earrings come in a range of sizes, so it's essential to choose the right size for your ears. If you have smaller ears, opt for smaller huggies to ensure a snug fit. On our product detail pages we typically indicate the diameter size of the huggie earring. Use that as a gauge to pick the ring earring for yourself. However, just in case you get it wrong, we also offer 28-days return when you shop on our website. If you are looking for a petite huggie, check out our best-selling Akari Huggie in 9K White Gold. It has an approximately 8mm diameter and can be worn as a second piercing and stacked with other mini studs and hoops.

Celia Huggie Earring 9K Yellow Gold
 Akari Huggie in 9K White Gold 

Can you Stack Huggie Earrings?

Huggie earrings are perfect for stacking. You can stack multiple huggies on one ear or wear them on both ears for a trendy, asymmetrical look. Mix and match different colors and styles of huggies for a unique look. Huggie earrings can also easily be coordinated with other jewellery, such as necklaces, bracelets, and rings. To create earring stacks, take a look at our gold hoop earrings or our drop earrings. Shown below is the Stella Huggie paired with the Nova Drop Earring for a glamorous evening look. 

Stella Huggie
Stella Huggie


Why are Huggie Earrings so Popular?

One of the main reasons why huggie earrings are so popular is their versatility. They can be worn in a range of styles, making them suitable for many occasions. They can be dressed up or down. Pair them with jeans and a t-shirt for a casual look, or dress them up with a little black dress for a night out. Either way, the right huggie will blend right in. The unique design of huggie earrings is another reason why they are popular:

Uninterrupted Clean Lines

While hoop earrings and huggie earrings share similarities in their circular design one key differentiating factor is the more seamless appearance of huggie earrings. In contrast to hoop earrings they do not feature visible clasps but posts that connect both ends of the earring are integrated into the earring's structure. This creates an illusion of a continuous, unbroken loop. This enhances their sleek and modern appeal, and sets them apart from other earring designs.

Comfortable to Wear due to Round Shape

The design of an earring back can be a source of inconvenience and discomfort. Earring backs, typically small, detachable pieces that secure the earring in place from behind the earlobe, can be problematic. They are prone to getting entangled in hair or being lost, thereby rendering the earrings unusable.Huggie earrings eliminate this issue entirely. Their self-contained closing mechanism ensures a secure and comfortable hold without the need for separate backs. This reduces the risk of losing earring parts and enhances the level of comfort when wearing them.

Optimal for the Workplace

There are two reasons why huggie earrings are an ideal accessory for the workplace. While they are fashionable, they are also low-key and do not create an overbearing impression. They will accentuate your professional work attire without dominating your overall look. The second reason is that their circular design and close-fitting style minimises the contact and pressure against external devices such as phones. With huggie earrings you can strike an ideal balance between aesthetic appeal and the practical benefits.


Overview of Different Huggie Earring Styles

Huggie earrings come in many different styles, from plain to diamond-encrusted. Here are some of the most popular types of huggie earrings:

  • Plain Huggie Earrings

    Plain huggie earrings are simple and understated. They are perfect for everyday wear and can be dressed up or down depending on the occasion. Our Alix Nude Huggie in Gold Vermeil is the ultimate staple plain gold hoop. It’s also suitable for second or third lobe piercings and can be paired up with other hoops or stud earrings for women


  • Pearl Huggie Earrings

    Pearl huggies are the most elegant option. They are not as attention grabbing as diamond huggies and ideal for formal settings such as weddings. They can be matched well with formal, white wear and a variety of hairstyles. Our brand new Cady Pearl Huggies in Gold Vermeil are a great choice if this is something you are looking for. They are made with freshwater pearls and come with a click closure to ensure security. 

    Cady Pearl White Huggie Gold Vermeil
    Cady Pearl Huggies in Gold Vermeil

  • Hoop Huggie Earrings

    Hoop huggie earrings are a combination of traditional hoop earrings and huggie earrings. So essentially these are huggies with a larger diameter. They are slightly larger than regular huggies but still fit snugly around the earlobe. Hoop huggies are a great option if you want the comfort of a huggie, but with a slightly larger hoop. The Celia Huggie, available in 9K Yellow Gold and White Gold is a great option if you are looking for a hoop huggie.  

    Celia Huggie Earring 9K Yellow Gold
    Celia Huggie

Which Metal to Pick for Huggie Earrings

Huggie earrings come in a variety of materials. At CARAT* LONDON our huggie collection includes yellow gold and white gold huggie earrings:

  • Yellow Gold Huggie Earrings

    Yellow gold huggie earrings are a classic choice. Yellow gold is the perfect choice if you want to add a bit of glamour to a formal outfit or party dress. In terms of colour, it goes well with a black or dark grey dress. Read our complete guide on how to wear yellow gold jewellery if you want to learn how to style yellow gold jewellery.  
  • White Gold Huggie Earrings

    White gold huggie earrings are the more low key option. They are more flexible in terms of colour combinations and they can be worn to any occasion. No matter if you are attending a friend’s birthday party, or an important business meeting. They will not compete with other accessories and blend in well with most colours.  

Conclusion: A Huggie Earring Belongs in every Women’s Jewellery Box

Huggie earrings are a versatile and fashionable choice for those who want to add some sparkle and style to their look without going overboard. With a variety of styles, materials, and sizes to choose from, huggies are perfect for everyday wear and special occasions. Use these tips to style your huggie earrings and make them the centrepiece of your jewellery collection.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Are huggie earrings for pierced ears?
Yes, huggie earrings are designed for pierced ears. They have a small post that goes through the earlobe and securely clasps at the back, providing a snug fit around the earlobe.

What is a huggie hoop earring?
A huggie hoop earring is a type of small hoop earring that fits closely around the earlobe. Huggie hoop earrings have a larger diameter than traditional huggie earrings. They feature an integrated post design that is typical for huggie earrings (whereas hoop earrings have visible external clasps).

Are huggie earrings comfortable?
Yes, huggie earrings are known for their comfort. Their close-fitting design minimises movement and avoids snagging. They also do not have an external clasp, which eliminates the risk of hair entanglement.

Are huggie earrings in style?
Absolutely! Huggie earrings are very much in style. They are a popular choice for their understated, minimalist appearance and versatility. They go well with both casual and formal attire.

What does 'huggie' earring mean?
The term 'huggie' in huggie earrings refers to the way these earrings 'hug' or sit close to the earlobe.